It’s in the forecast for the end of this week. Only a ‘trace’ but I’m certainly not ready, and each year I’m not-readier more than the year before.

The last of the ‘snow-bird’ residents have left. They knew they wouldn’t be ready.

Maybe the best thing is to not worry about being ready, but just ‘be’.


Caddis Hatch

There is an epic Caddis hatch on the River this evening. The Caddis fly spends it’s larval life under water and as a juvenile is an apex insect predator.

They emerge as adults with only one ambition to mate before they die: as adults, they can no longer feed.

I wish them well.



Sick & Tired

Over night I developed a pretty high fever, and coughs. I’m still sick, but well enough to come back to work.

So I’m sick. But what of the ‘tired’?

I’ve had enough of Winter.

This is the view from the front window.

Snow. Ugh.

Putting Things Together, Taking Them Apart

This blog doesn’t get updated with the frequency that I would like.  Frankly, there are not a lot of readers, and that’s fine.  Most of my friends keep up with me on Facebook, others via Twitter.

A number of things influence that.  The biggest is the addition of a dedicated photo sharing site.  For a number of years I have been sharing photos from the cheer competitions and pageants that my daughter participates in.  I have easily spent hundreds of dollars on DVD’s and the time to create them.  I finally decided to just post them online and if somebody wants a picture, I’ll charge a nominal amount for the download.

Check it out at, and let me know what you think.

“Standard Time”

We’re back on Standard Time.

The net result is that in the morning, there is enough daylight, for the next couple of weeks, for me to believe that I could get the rest of the yard work done, before getting ready for work in the morning. This is the only time left to me, as it is dark in the evening, at least by the time I get back to the House and get changed out of the Suit.

The morning daylight is welcome, but that too vanishes like the autumn leaves.

Ten Point

Early this morning a noise woke me out of what was a restless sleep. The front motion sensor light was on. “Something” was out there. No big surprise, as deer and other critters abound. But the noise was somehow different.

I went to the front door, and when I opened it, was face to face with a 10 point buck! Fortunately his surprise took him backwards instead of into the house.

What must have happened is he saw his reflection in the window, and thinking it another male, went on the attack. Nothing broken. Except my sleep.