Three Feet of Snow

Over the past week, three fet of snow fell on the River House. Most of it is still on the roof. Snow is a pretty good insulator when it is light and fluffy, but it can also be a remarkably good sponge when it gets ‘wet’, like if the precipitation turns to rain.

That is my current worry. Not just typical ice damming, but the weight of three feet of now heavy, rain laden snow turning into ice. I want to get a metal roof onto the River House at some point. This is one of the reasons.

I also have been considering the snow plowing issue. I was ‘snowed in’ twice this week. Brian the snow-plow-guy was there both times, but the thought of this occurring regularly is just a bit too much for met to take.

Perhaps a big John Deere for cutting grass at home during the summer, then blowing snow in the winter at the River House…

It’s a thought.


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