A Shout Out to Another WordPress Blogger

Hello to Lorraine Edwards!  I met Lorraine while she was taking a jaunt around the country in her little SUV and tiny T@B teardrop trailer.  She has settled (for the moment) in North Carolina, but I have a sense that her journey will never end, and I am certain that she will arrive successfully.

Check out her blog at Three Quarters and Counting.


1 thought on “A Shout Out to Another WordPress Blogger

  1. THANK YOU for the kind words!! My foot has been itching (to travel) for many months!! Sadly, I made the mistake of “hanging on” to memorabilia and “maybe I’ll need this stuff some day.” I’m waist-deep in boxes as I attempt to “downsize.” It’s a “crazy maker”!!! ~~ I don’t kayak but I would love to be along a river, or lake, or the ocean, or in the mountains. ~~ I enjoy my backyard garden and fine feathered, and fine furry, friends!! I enjoy preparing my blog; I hope others enjoy it, too. ~~ Aiming to arrive successfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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