Ten Point

Early this morning a noise woke me out of what was a restless sleep. The front motion sensor light was on. “Something” was out there. No big surprise, as deer and other critters abound. But the noise was somehow different.

I went to the front door, and when I opened it, was face to face with a 10 point buck! Fortunately his surprise took him backwards instead of into the house.

What must have happened is he saw his reflection in the window, and thinking it another male, went on the attack. Nothing broken. Except my sleep.


1 thought on “Ten Point

  1. Nice story. Personally, I have a variety of critters in my back yard but no deer (to my knowledge). I have a large galvanized tub with fresh water, a salt lick, and deer food. I hope they find my contribution. FYI: Lots of deer crossing the road, in this area; I see them frequently–while driving.

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