About Me

Hello!  Welcome to my blog.

My name is Eric Stoever, and this is a blog focused around my week-day life on the Allegheny River, near Warren, PA.

Blogs are interesting artifacts of the Age of the Internet.  It is possible for nearly anyone on the planet to get to this blog, but only a handful of people will.  I’ve been told that blogs are merely ego stroking.  OK.  So are diaries.

I am reminded of a legend from the opening of the American prairie.  One of a single woman who would tie messages to tumbleweeds.  Fragments of poetry, of loneliness, yearning, that she would then let loose into the windswept plains.  Of the cowboys, equally lonely, and yearning, who would search in vain for the author.

Blogs are cast out there.  Pearls, fragments tied to weeds, what-have-you.

Read it as you will.  View the pictures as you will.  It is me.  it is mine.

How your read it is yours.  I hope you enjoy.



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