Putting Things Together, Taking Them Apart

This blog doesn’t get updated with the frequency that I would like.  Frankly, there are not a lot of readers, and that’s fine.  Most of my friends keep up with me on Facebook, others via Twitter.

A number of things influence that.  The biggest is the addition of a dedicated photo sharing site.  For a number of years I have been sharing photos from the cheer competitions and pageants that my daughter participates in.  I have easily spent hundreds of dollars on DVD’s and the time to create them.  I finally decided to just post them online and if somebody wants a picture, I’ll charge a nominal amount for the download.

Check it out at http://whitescarf.smugmug.com, and let me know what you think.


1 thought on “Putting Things Together, Taking Them Apart

  1. Greetings from one of your readers. I have very few followers (for my blog) but I enjoy the challenge of preparing, and publishing…. I don’t do Facebook, or Twitter; if someone want to follow my activities, they can read my blog. ~~ Pictures are a challenge!! I hope your new plan works well for you. Best wishes!!

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